Please find below the links to the websites of our friends and other interesting sites devoted to music and music education.

Nadja Brykina Gallery
Zurich, Switzerland
Founders: Nadja Häner-Brykina and Urs Häner
Russian Art from the second half of the Twentieth Century to today.
Exhibitions and retrospectives of famous nonconformist and young Russian artists.

Arina Kowner Kultur Atelier regularly organizes events devoted to Russian culture in Zurich.


Book store in Zurich where you can find a wide range of books and other publications from CIS countries in Russian (


Virtual pade devoted to the amateur-song movement in Zuirch, to the work of amateur authors and singers, and to simply creative people who have not forgotten what the backpack and the guittar are ( or


Virtual page devoted to Russian people living in Switzerland. People, events, society, relationship of Russian and Swiss cultures, history of the "Russian Switzerland" and its current life (